Choose Your Adventure, ETC

We invite you to participate in a 5K, 10K, 50K, Half or Full Marathon in any and/or all U.S. State(s) at a pace that works for you — All Distances, All States, All Fitness Levels, All Paces, All Welcome!  These races are designed for goal seekers in mind with COVID-19 requirements and guidelines at the forefront (see COVID-19 menu option for specific details).  

Each scheduled race will be in a 1-2 mile out-and-back lap format calculated to meet your distance goal.  Race design positions every runner frequently near “home-base” where covered and secured water, gatorade, variety of food, and restrooms will be available with staff to support and  encourage you through your adventure.  lap counter in the form of a bracelet or keychain (your choice) will be provided to every participants to ensure success in managing laps and achieving desired distance goals.  A color-coded series t-shirt will be provided per series along with a customized finisher’s medal with a charm for every state that is completed.  

While achieving your fitness goal(S), you will also be making a difference to others in need as 25% of all race profits will be donated to charity.  Moreover, you will have an opportunity to participate in awareness and education efforts designed to fight against over 250 health conditions that have touched so many lives in very personal ways.  As such, an awareness ribbon of participant’s choosing will be given to runners to wear in support of a cause that is of personal significance.

An at-a-glance color-coded series and schedule is provided below.  For registration and specific details regarding each event, please visit our Registration menu option.

Walk? Run? Fun!
In ALL 50 States
While Making A Difference!

These dates don’t work?  Please visit our Virtual Race options within the Registration menu.