Our Story:

Choose Your Adventure, ETC (while Choosing Your Awareness) was founded by identical twin sisters who shifted careers from high-level positions to focus and invest their remaining time on this planet impacting others and themselves in a very meaningful way.  Like so many others, throughout their shared journey, they experienced the struggles associated with the passing of many family members due to a plethora of types of cancers, heart disease, opioid addiction, and suicides.  In addition, they are no strangers to domestic violence, substance abuse (alcohol and drugs), homelessness, single parent struggles, and mental illnesses associated with depression and anxiety.  

That said, it was a recent colorectal cancer prognosis of one of the twins that changed everything for them.  It served as a catalyst for many conversations surrounding the infamous questions : “Why me?, Why her?, What have I done meaningful with my life?,  What can I do to help her during these uncertain times?.  All of which culminated to the overarching question — “How do I want to spend my precious and finite gift of life?”.  While fronted with this question, each twin had individual responses, yet one overarching shared theme surfaced.  The theme was to spend time and energy on things that are of true importance while making a difference to others!  It was then, life goals shifted and bucket lists were brought out and dusted off — never to be placed out of the forefront again.  Our Life goals now include the following:              

  • Make a difference to others and ourselves by giving of our time and resources
  • Make awareness to important causes at the forefront of what we do.  Hence, the series color mappings are front and center and are based upon National Awareness Months and Ribbon Colors.
  • Work on our emotional and physical health while  helping others do the same.
  • Complete items on our bucket lists while sharing, encouraging, and supporting others to do the same.
We invite you to join us on our color-filled adventures of experiencing and giving.  Running and/or walking in any or every U.S. State is the first of many such live adventures.  With all color-filled live events, there will be a donation of 25% of event profits to hand-picked national and local charities.  For details on the these charities, please visit our charities menu option page.